Meet the Team

Winn Group Directors

Group Executive Chairman

Jeff Winn

Group Chief Executive Officer

Chris Birkett

Group Chief Information Officer

Clint Milnes

Group Finance Director

Marta Fernández-Varona

Group Director – Head of On Medical

Ian Scanlan

Associate Directors

Associate Director – Head of First Response Team

Chris Jones

Associate Director – Head of Vehicle Damage

Chris Cullingworth

Associate Director – Head of Commercial & Contested Litigation

David Dewar

Associate Director – Group Head of Compliance

Jo Amos

Associate Director – Head of Litigation Team

Adam Thorpe

Associate Director – Deputy Head of Commercial & Contested Litigation

Amy Graham

Business Development Team

Head of Business Development

Mark Pallas

Business Development Executive

Lee Radley

Business Development Executive

Ed Carvell

Broker Liaison Executive

Hugo Scott-Stuart

Management Team

Head of On Hire

Michael Stuart

Group Head of HR

Colette Gardner

Group Head of IT Operations

Mark Howell

Head of Costs and Debt Recovery

Rachel Glendenning

Head of Wills, Probate & Trusts

Rebecca Harbron Gray

Executive Assistant to CEO and Head of Office Management

Janet McCrindle

Deputy Head of First Response Team

Paul Hewitson

Deputy Head of Vehicle Damage

Rebecca Colby

Complaints and Compliance Manager

Gemma Wilkinson

Customer Service Team Manager

Lucy Donnelly

Central Administration Team Manager

Susan Dodgson

Group Digital Marketing Manager

Amy Thompson

Advocacy Team Manager

Lee Kipling

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