Our 24/7 FNOL service extends to our dedicated Telematics Team, who analyse data in real-time and ensure active outbound responses are made when needed.

Our dedicated Telematics Team have over ten years of extensive industry knowledge and invaluable Telematics experience.

They are experts in driver behavioural analysis and crash data interpretation and offer a fully manned, 24-hour First Notification of Loss service.

Consisting of 18 data analysts, the team work daily with Winn Group Partners’ data centres and Telematics box providers to receive real-time crash notifications, and analyse them to determine whether the alert is a potential true incident or a false alarm.

As part of our service level agreement, we will ensure that the data is analysed within 30 minutes of receiving the notification, although 80% of our outbound calls to customers are within the first 10 minutes.

"Winns Telematics really does benefit everyone, and because of our experience, we have encouraged and helped many insurance brokers to set-up their first Telematics policies."

Liam Parker, Telematics and Claims Processing Team Manager

A Decade of Our Dedicated Telematics Division

Liam Parker, Telematics Team Leader, has been a part of the Telematics Team since it's inception in 2011.

After joining Winns in 2010, Liam has gained extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of the FNOL process, having worked within the Administration, Sales and First Response Teams, before assisting with the development of the Telematics Team within FRT.

The division was created in response to an existing broker partner's need for a reliable FNOL provider for its telematics clients.

As an already award winning provider of FNOL services, the decision was made to create a specialised division within our thriving First Response Team, which would specialise in the interpretation and analysis of telematics data, and would act on that to offer the same seamless service that Winns was known for.

What started out as a team of three servicing one account has since grown to a team of 18 data analysts, working across seven dedicated telematics insurer and broker accounts, navigating seven incident portals that are backed by several insurers.

Liam and his team are trained in the analysis and interpretation of real-time crash data, and are poised to make active outbound responses where needed.