10 Reasons to Work at Winn Group

We asked staff across Winn Group what they like most about working at Winns, and these are just 10 of the main reasons why they think you should develop your career with us:


Hard work is recognised, and progression opportunities made available to those who deserve it.


Every day is different, which makes work interesting.


The company is always changing and progressing to stay ahead of the game and the various processes/changes in the law, so it’s never boring!


Free coffee – Other places I have worked at you have needed to pay.


The people I work with are kind and considerate, making the day go by more enjoyably.


The relaxed team atmosphere in a high-pressure environment helps us to always perform at our best.


I feel like I am part of a successful business; if we work hard and do well, the firm will do well.


I feel trusted in my job, which in turn makes me feel appreciated.


You get a bonus holiday for your birthday, which is a lovely extra.


Access to free physiotherapy.

Those are just some of the reasons why Winn Group staff like working here. If you like the sound of any of them, why not see if we’ve got the right vacancy for you by visiting our Winn Group Vacancies page.

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