Advocacy Team Expansion

In 2021, Winns began development of a new advocacy team in order to bring advocacy services in-house. By doing so, the firm is able to provide consistency to its mantra of being a ‘one-stop shop’ for legal services.

Thanks to changes in the PI market, we have seized opportunities for growth which have seen an increase in workloads and a resulting need to increase the size of the team.

We are therefore delighted to welcome Zara Hussain and Sophie Johnstone to the team. Zara is an experienced advocate having spent many years dealing with claims in the County Court for Quest Legal and Sophie Johnstone is a Northumbria BPC Graduate looking to develop her legal knowledge and advocacy skills over the course of the next few years.

These two new additions provide a great balance of experience and raw talent within the advocacy teamThe team has one eye on the future and will be looking to expand again as more non-fault accident victims see Winns as their first choice for legal services.

Advocacy Team Manager, Lee Kipling, is pleased to see the department go from strength to strength adding;

“I am very pleased with the quality shown from all the advocates we have brought into this relatively new team. Winns is proud of the positive customer experience offered to its clients and this team complements that service well. I would expect the team to expand further in the future, which is looking very bright, and I am excited to see it develop.”