Bring on Bright Future – Carl Todd Hits 15 Years

“I think the company will continue to grow and go from strength to strength and I want to be part of that.”

After 15 years of working at Winn Group, Carl Todd remains as optimistic about the company's outlook as he did on his first day back in 2009 when “the business looked huge, but it was small compared to now”.

The Management Account’s approach to work and his input into the Finance Team is appreciated by those around him, including Sarah Harris, Winn Group Financial Controller.

She said: “Congratulations on 15 years at Winns! It’s an achievement that reflects the effort and commitment you show every day.

“Thank you and we look forward to continue benefiting from all your experience – well done!”

The most important aspects of the day-to-day for Carl include enjoying the work he is tasked with, the people around him, and the potential for career development.

“I have always enjoyed my job and the work that I do,” he added.

“It’s challenging and rewarding and there are so many opportunities available if you want to get on. I don’t think I have ever worked for a company that offers more opportunities to its staff than here at Winns – I think that’s the main reason.

“Then there’s the people you work with and become friends with.

“I’ve always felt that if we work hard and the business does well, we will do well.”