Career Pathway Stretches out for Elysia

Winn Group is proud to offer career pathways that enhance and develop employees, regardless of their specialism or job role.

This has benefitted numerous members of our teams, with multiple training contract application opportunities offered exclusively to internal staff, and many other avenues for apprentices, graduates, and employees looking to take the next step in their chosen career pathway.

With such variety in our training and development offering, if the right candidate wants to progress with us, Winn Group actively encourages it.

That is certainly the case with Elysia Smith, who recently expanded her job remit in the Vehicle Damage team to include being a Team Leader.

Having started out as a Legal Assistant in January 2022, she is testament to a positive, determined character being rewarded with promotion and the chance to take on new challenges.

Elysia’s journey started out as a Legal Assistant, before becoming a Paralegal and then taking on the role of Training and Development Officer. Most recently assuming the position of Team Leader, this rise has happened over the past 12 months, demonstrating the opportunities the company can offer to the right candidates.

She said: “When I first started at Winns in January 2022, I was finishing my LLB and needed some legal work experience.

“The Legal Assistant position was advertised, and I thought ‘what a great way to get my legal career started!’

“I wanted to develop my legal knowledge, practical skills, and work in a professional workplace environment.

“I did not anticipate such a fantastic work environment and such quick progression!”

At Winn Group, we don’t see your first job as your only role, if you wish to progress and develop your skills and experience.

Elysia has felt the benefit of this approach in 12 short months.

She continued: “My colleagues have encouraged me along the way to take on board every opportunity and I have had nothing but praise and well wishes from the whole department after each promotion.

“Senior management has always recognised my skills and put me forward for these positions. It is fantastic working for a company like Winns which encourage progression, believes you are responsible, capable, and that wants to see you succeed.”

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