Career: Promotions Highlight Excellence in Role

Six Winn Group employees have earned promotions in the First Response Team, signaling our determination to reward excellence in the role with career progression.

The first trio – Bradley Atkins, Stacey Cape-Mclean, and Chelsea White – have all become Team Seniors, with Andrew Foggin and Abigail Kilmartin securing roles as Claim Team Leaders soon after. Ryan Clark has been moved to Claims Review Supervisor Team Leader.

Paul Hewitson, Deputy Head of FRT, said of Bradley, Stacey, and Chelsea: “Well done to all three on their promotions, which are deserved after their hard work. They have demonstrated the Winns core values of reliability, loyalty, respect, and integrity, and have already been trusted to support new starters.”

Most recently, Andrew, Abigail and Ryan were celebrating being moved into more senior roles, as Winn Group continues to expand to account for increased work volumes.

Paul continued: “All those who have been promoted were exceptional at the interview stages, giving good answers and providing evidence and examples to back up their answers.

“Andy, Abigail, and Ryan are committed members of FRT, and we are sure they will be an asset to the FRT Management Team and a big support to everyone in the department.”

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