Double Promotion Celebration at Winn Group

Phil Aspin and Andrew Anderson are the latest examples of a career being forged at Winn Group.

At the core of our working ethos, we actively encourage work progression and evolution. Our employees should feel empowered to create their career pathways with us.

It’s demonstrated by Phil and Andrew, who both received promotions within our Costs and Debt Recovery Team.

Phil, who has been with the company for more than 10 years, moves to become Team Manager, while Andrew, who had excelled in a secondment as Team Leader, maintains that previous position.

Phil said: “The business has supported me throughout my time here, hence why I have been here for over a decade!

“Putting me through courses and qualifications, the company has provided me with a huge number of opportunities which I will always be grateful for.

“We always adapt to change, so every hurdle becomes a challenge to ensure that we flourish as a business.

“I work with an excellent management team and hard-working teams. I would like to continue to do so and ensure we train and upskill each member of the department to ensure everybody is working to their full potential and bringing themselves, and the department, to the next level.”

Andrew has turned a secondment into a permanent Team Leader position after impressing during his temporary switch.

He said: “The whole team has always been supportive throughout my time at Winns and that has come hand-in-hand with the necessary training provided.

“I have always been provided with development opportunities by the management team which has allowed me to be in the position I am today.

“We are moving into a new costs regime, which will come with new challenges, but I’m sure we will adapt and come out the other side in a stronger position.”

Rachel Glendenning, Head of Costs and Debt Recovery, said: “Phil recently undertook a secondment in the role of Acting Deputy Head, he performed very well during his secondment and significantly contributed to the performance of the team last financial year. 

“As a part of his new role, Phil will oversee the training and development for both the Costs and Debt Team; this is an area in which Phil has demonstrated a strong skill set and is keen to move forward.

“Andy is always fully focused on the team achieving their main KPIs, which resulted in his team achieving target last financial year, which is excellent in his first year in the role.     

“Congratulations to you both on your promotions, I look forward to working with you in your new roles to drive great results.”