Respect and Reliability lead to Promotion for Joanne

Team Senior Joanne Reid has been awarded a promotion to the role of Team Leader at On Medical 24/7, following six years at the company.

Joanne, who has garnered respect from the team through a natural representation of the Winn Group values of Integrity, Respect, Loyalty and Reliability, is considered well-deserving of this latest rise up the ladder.

Looking back at her time with the company she said;

“Since being at On Medical, I started as a Customer Service Administrator before moving up to Team Senior and now onto Team Leader.”

With a mutual respect within the senior members of the company she added;

“I’m delighted with the promotion as I wanted to use all of my skills and experience to help and support others. With that in mind, I’d like to thank the management team for the opportunity to progress within the company.

“I’ve been here since MedCo was implemented. This saw the business grow vastly and at a quick rate. A lot has changed in my time and now we are operating 24/7 to adapt to the changes within the industry.”

Joanne has been most impressed by the way everyone at the company has worked together to implement recent developments; rising to significant Covid-19-related challenges and adapting to an ever-changing industry landscape adding.

“I think I’ve been most impressed with how quickly we have adapted to all of the government changes which have been enforced and how well we have dealt with the current lockdown restrictions.”

Operations Manager, Kelven Oxberry praised Joanne’s attitude and ability saying;

“Jo moved to On Medical five years ago. During this time she has gained invaluable experience and knowledge in all areas of the business through a variety of roles.

“Team Leader was a natural step of progression; her commitment to the business as well as her excellent work ethic made this an easy decision for the Management Team.

“Well done Jo, keep up the hard work!”