Meet the Costs Team

As the Costs Team adapts and grows in line with the growth of Winn Group, we caught up with some of them to find out the many ways in which they support what Winn Group does and their favourite things about work.

The role of the Costs Team

The Costs Team recovers the legal costs and disbursements associated with pursuing the client’s claim on their behalf.  In order to recover those costs, the Costs Team have to undertake an assessment to the liability for costs and disbursements, draft a schedule or bill and thereafter negotiate those costs with the at-fault Insurer or Solicitor.  If we are unable to come to an agreement on costs, then we will pursue the matter to a court hearing for the Judge to decide the costs award. 

What training and support does Winns provide for those looking for a career in Costs?

Within the Costs Team, we currently have four qualified Costs Lawyers and one trainee. Winn Group has funded and supported each of those employees through the ACL Course (Association of Costs Lawyer) so that they could qualify.  In addition, we provide in-house training through a detailed training plan but also have access to external webinars to be able to continuously develop.

Why would you recommend Winn Group to Legal Costs Draftsman and Negotiators wanting a change of company?

There are a number of reasons why I would recommend working for Winns as a legal costs draftsman and negotiator; Winns fully support staff progression and development. I started at the firm 14 years ago as a receptionist and legal secretary; I am now a qualified costs lawyer and head of department. The people are another reason; there is a real sense of community within the firm, all staff collectively work together so that we can deliver the best results for our clients and the business.

Winn Group has some great staff benefits; which is your favourite and why?

Having an extra day of holiday on your birthday; it’s like a birthday present from the business and for one of us it is particularly special this year when reaching 30, as it gives a good amount of time to absorb the reality of hitting the next decade!

Also, the training support. The business is always willing to invest in our professional development; to qualify as a costs lawyer at the age of 23 and very quickly thereafter be accepted for funding for the Solicitor Apprenticeship within weeks of qualifying as a costs lawyer was amazing. I have also been fully supported in my management progression and have obtained external qualifications provided through Winns.

Winn Group places a lot of importance on its Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Reliability. Which do you think is best represented by your team and how?

Reliability; as a support team within the business it is key that you are reliable as you have to be able to deliver what is being asked of you to ensure targets are met.  We are a strong-knit team who also have to rely on one another to ensure that we can fulfil the expectations of the departments and comply with court directions. We sometimes receive short notice from the court and have to work together as a team to ensure that we do not miss deadlines.

If you would like to join the Winns Costs Team, see the current vacancies here.