New Appointment: Jon Snee Joins Winn Group

Winn Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Snee to the role of Associate Director and Head of Change Management.

After working in insurance and legal companies since the age of 18, his career journey has taken in Royal Insurance, Direct Line Insurance, Walker Morris Solicitors, Lyons Davidson Solicitors, Pure Legal, and Premex Legal Services prior to joining Winns.

From today, he will be joining us permanently in his new role. We decided to catch up with Jon on his first day in the role to find out about his journey to date and how he will help Winn Group continue its impressive expansion and evolution:

What is your experience in the industry?

The first 15 years of my career I worked in fee earning roles acting for Claimants and handling all levels of motor claims ranging from low value injuries up to high value/catastrophic life changing injuries. Over the last 15 years I have worked in more of operational manager roles, looking after large departments of Fee Earners/Solicitors and driving those departments to deliver and succeed on the business strategies.

What was your role prior to this new role at Winns?

I worked within Winn Solicitors from September through to December as a Legal Consultant within the Vehicle Damage department, specifically working closely with Rebecca Colby and Chris Cullingworth to manage the restructure of that department. I’m hopeful they’d both agree the previous experience I have brought to Winns has been useful in helping them manage their way through the recent restructuring project. I have also spent some time with Catherine Walker in her OIC/MOJ department working on efficiencies to improve the claims process for her fee earners.

What will your new appointment as Head of Change Management involve?

My role as Head of Change Management will involve working closely with different departments within the business, highlighting areas where change is required and driving those changes through IT/Dev in order to achieve better efficiency.

I will continue to help other departments in their planning and strategies to achieve continued success from the experience I have gained in other roles outside of Winns.

Are you excited about this opportunity? What do you most look forward to achieving?

Yes, I’m really excited about this role given my background in the legal industry and the experience I can draw on to help drive Winn Group forwards. Clearly Winn Group has grown enormously over recent years and this has created lots of operational opportunities and need to improve our internal processes, to create better management reporting visibility, and to drive efficiencies to mirror the growth the business has achieved.

I am looking forward to working with all the different departments within Winn Group as I see opportunities across the piste to develop and improve our working relationships, which in turn will drive better, more efficient process handling and ultimately ensure we continue to be successful, profitable and market leading.

What attracted you to Winns in the first instance?

Winns clearly has a strong strategy to consistently grow the business, which is obvious from recent results, and to excel in this market. I want to be a part of that ethos and drive and believe, with my experience, I can and will really contribute towards it.

I have known some of the Winns Directors for a number of years and I get the sense of this being genuinely viewed as a “family” business environment, even though we employ such a large number of staff. The Winns values align with my own personal values perfectly and I already feel part of the Winns family.

How does the future of the company look from your perspective?

The company is in safe hands with lots of talented people across all departments and my role will be to work closely with each department, assist where needed to improve processes, efficiencies and strategies, and to develop really strong communication between all of the relevant departments.