Phil’s Journey from Costs Clerk to Acting Deputy Head

Phil Aspin was shown around the building on his first day at Winns and knew the chances of being here 10 years later were high.

Perhaps not a feeling felt by every new starter at any company, the Acting Deputy Head of Costs and Debt Recovery could see a progression path for his career at Winns, and he was determined to make that progress.

He said: “The progression was always apparent to me throughout my time here at the business. The business has done a lot for me personally, it has put me through a course to qualify as a Costs Lawyer.

“I have also had the opportunity to develop in my role within the department as a Team Leader and now Acting Deputy Head of Department.

“I’d personally like to thank Rachel Glendenning for having faith in me and providing me with opportunities.

“I work in a fantastic department with a great management team. I would like to continue to do so and ensure that we train and upskill each member of the department so that everybody is working to their full potential. Thereafter, that will bring themselves and the department to the next level.”

With career development a key factor motivating Phil (pictured with Associated Director and Deputy Head of Commercial and Contested Litigation Amy Graham) to remain at an expanding and evolving company, he was keen to point to the people that make Winn Group a great place to work.

He added: “I’ve experienced a lot of brilliant people over the years. A personal satisfaction about working here is that I have really enjoyed training newer members of the team and now seeing them progress as senior members of the team, with some undertaking a similar route to myself - presumably, they all had good training!”

Rachel Glendenning, Head of Costs and Debt Recovery, said: “Phil has shown hard work, dedication, and loyalty during his 10 years with the firm.

“He joined the firm as a law graduate, and since then has qualified as a Costs Lawyer, been promoted to the position of Team Leader and more recently was seconded into the position of Acting Deputy Head.

“He has played an instrumental part in the growth of the Costs Team, by imparting his knowledge and experience to new starters within the team through training and development.

“Thank you, Phil, for all your hard work and congratulations on reaching your 10-year anniversary.”