Sheila Celebrates Decade at Winn Group

When you’re looking for someone who knows the processes of Winn Group inside out, there’s no better person than Sheila Anderson.

The Legal Secretary, based in the Central Administration Team, enjoyed her 10-year anniversary with a bottle of bubbly to go with a bouquet of flowers and vouchers as a thank you from the company for her hard work and commitment to the firm.

Line manager Susan Dodgson commended her after reaching the decade-mark at Winn Group, saying: “Sheila has been a fantastic member of the team and is certainly a valued member of the Central Administration Team.   

“It is a great credit to anyone who reaches the 10-year mark at any company, and I know her efforts are much appreciated by those around her. Congratulations Sheila!”

We took a couple of minutes out of the ever-busy days in Central Admin to get Sheila’s thoughts on her 10 years at Winn Group.

Can you remember your first day?

I remember this being quite daunting as there were so many people working in the office. But once I had my induction, everyone was so friendly and helpful.

What has encouraged you to stay with the firm as long as you have?

I have stayed at Winns due to the variety of work in the departments I have worked in and have worked with some really nice people throughout the firm.

How has the company supported you during your career?

Winns is extremely flexible and was willing to help me progress in my career to this point. I was able to move back to Winns from On Medical, having spent six and a half years there. I felt I had gone as far as I could and moving back has enabled me to learn new procedures with various teams.

What has been memorable during your 10 years?

I went to work for On Medical just when MedCo started and we got the first couple of cases through and didn’t think much about it. But then, within the week, the cases came thick and fast and the MedCo team had to expand quickly. This showed the high regard companies had for On Medical and that is still felt today.

What does the future hold for Winn Group?

Winns is a huge company. This is highlighted by the fact that even after the pandemic they continued to expand the business, with more opportunities in various teams as well as recruiting more staff externally due to increased work volumes.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Throughout my time at Winns, I have enjoyed working with a lot of people. I have always wanted to set further challenges for myself and would like to thank my manager Susan Dodgson for supporting and encouraging me to progress my career. During my appraisal, I advised I enjoyed helping the Costs Team with the issuing, and the Debt Management Team, and said I would like to do more to assist them. Soon after that, Susan had spoken to the manager of the team and it was agreed that I could assist them further. It shows how much she wanted to help me develop.

Since I’ve been back at Winns, the old saying ‘you learn something new every day’ is so true. It certainly makes every day more interesting and rewarding and I feel so at home back with the girls I originally worked with.