Thomas Marley: Bright Future Ahead

Thomas Marley is anticipating a bright future in the Debt Recovery Department, and Winn Group in general, after settling into his new role.

The Team Leader had made the move from the Vehicle Damage Team, moving departments and buildings as his switch coincided with the opening of Raby Walk.

Thomas has been impressed with his new colleagues and is sure good early results will be continued in the long-term.

He said: “I am getting great support from Rachel (Glendenning, Head of Costs) and Victoria (Maugham, Deputy Head of Costs) which means we have managed to demonstrate early good results which we hope to build on.

“If it wasn’t for the support of my managers, as well as the extremely hard work of my team, then we would not be able to demonstrate the results that we have so early.

“The transition has been made a lot easier because of the commitment of my new team. I would never have been able to transfer the knowledge I have to this new role without the support and the knowledge obtained within the Vehicle Damage Department either and I thank my previous colleagues and managers for that.

“I am looking forward to seeing how far the team can expand and what we can achieve as we grow and the firm grows.

“I think the future is bright for this department.”

Rachel Glendenning, Head of Costs and Debt Recovery, welcomed Thomas to the team and has been impressed by his ability to hit the ground running.

She said: “Thomas Marley joined the Debt Recovery Team as a Group Debt Recovery Team Leader and has settled into his new role, and the team, very quickly. 

“Since Tom has joined the team, he has demonstrated a real enthusiasm and motivation for the team to achieve their key targets. 

“He joined us from the Vehicle Damage Team, where he was a Legal Clerk, and has brought some great transferrable knowledge and skills that have already infiltrated down into the team; these will be valuable for the team moving forward.  I look forward to working with Tom further.”

Thomas went on to explain a little about what his role as Team Leader will involve as part of the Debt Recovery Team.

He continued: “The purpose of my new role is to lead the Debt Recovery Team.

“We are in charge of retaining clients who may have gone wayward as well as pursuing costs through litigation.

“I felt that I had a lot of transferrable skills from my role in VD and Team Leader roles that I had in the past.

 “Training has always been good at Winns, and I learned a lot about litigation within Vehicle Damage as it a fast-paced department with a high caseload.

“It is ever-changing so really sets you up for career in law and a more commercial fast-paced setting. This career development aspect is something that I have always known about Winns and why I have remained with the firm.

“I know that a lot of the Directors and Management started on the shop floor and worked their way up from there.

“I look forward to my years ahead with Winns and growing as the firm grows.”

Since returning to the firm in 2019, Thomas has enjoyed his time and picked a popular staff benefit as his favourite perk of the job.

He added: “My favourite group staff benefit is the extra days holiday for your birthday.

“Mine is in September so it’s a good extra day off in that long period between the summer holidays and Christmas.

“I like the atmosphere in Winns, it is a friendly place to work and a lot of my colleagues have become good friends in my time here.”