Training Contract Quartet Begin Journey

At Winn Group, we strive to provide our staff with the tools, skills, and experience to progress in their careers, regardless of their job role.

Firmly believing in the importance of each member of staff, by offering multiple, contrasting routes to enhance their skill set, Winn Group works diligently to expand this offering whenever possible.

No-one will appreciate this more than four members of our team who have taken their next step on the journey to becoming a qualified solicitor through the training contract route.

Ben Ballantyne, Liam McCormac, Terri Otieno, and Cerys Waters will take on a period of extensive learning across the legal divisions as part of the contract, a time that will culminate in them hopefully entering the Roll of Solicitors.

David Dewar, Winn Group Associate Director – Head of Commercial and Contested Litigation, said of Personal Injury Trainee Solicitor Ben: “He impresses everyone he works with, and I have had the pleasure of working closely with him on some very tricky cases.

“I have no doubt that he will continue to apply his diligent approach during his training contract, and I look forward to seeing him growing into the very adept solicitor I am sure he will become.”

Rebecca Colby, Associate Director and Head of Vehicle Damage – Post Litigation, said of Liam, Terri, and Cerys: “I am delighted to see Cerys, Liam and Terri begin their training contracts in the newly formed Vehicle Damage Post Litigation department.

“They have all worked hard, showing consistent performance, motivation, and dedication. I cannot wait to see the progress they will make on their training contracts and look forward to working with them toward their qualification.”

Jo Amos, Winn Group Training Principal, said: "I am very pleased to see these four new trainees commencing their training contracts. The standard of applicants in the selection process in June was very high, which is why we have been able to award a higher number of training contracts than in the past.

"I am sure that Ben, Liam, Terri, and Cerys will make the most of the next two years to learn new skills and extend their legal knowledge.”

After starting on November 1st, we discussed this training course with some of those starting out.

Why did you decide to apply for a training contract?

BB: From studying law in college, I knew that I wanted to be a solicitor and after getting through my A-Levels, undergraduate, and post-graduate degrees, I was excited to be given the opportunity to work for Winns. I knew Winns offered lots of opportunities for progression and I was grateful to be given the chance to apply.

CW: It is the next step in my legal career. I studied for my law degree and completed my master's with the intention of one day qualifying as a solicitor. Winn Solicitors gave me the opportunity and I would like to continue my legal career with the company.

TO: I have always wanted to be a solicitor and have worked towards this for years through studying law and the LPC at university. It was therefore a natural step for me to apply for the training contract and progress towards the next steps of qualifying as a solicitor.

LM: I made the decision to apply for a training contract as it has been my ambition to be a solicitor ever since I started studying law at university. I have really enjoyed my time at Winns so far so applying for a training contract here was the obvious next step.

Do you feel supported in your role by Winn Group?

CW: I have received so much support throughout my time here at Winns, specifically from my team leader who has always encouraged me to hit my targets and apply for the training contract.

BB: Since I started at Winns almost two years ago the support has been brilliant. I must thank Amy (Graham) and David (Dewar) for welcoming me into the Personal Injury department and providing me with their continuous support whilst I have been here. Everyone in the department is so supportive, whether that be team leaders or other team members. I also have to thank Dula (Miah), who supported me through the application process and gave me a lot of confidence in my own capabilities.

LM: I have felt very supported in my time at Winns. I’ve always felt comfortable asking questions and I’ve been able to learn a lot as a result of this.

TO: I have felt very supported by Winn Group in all my roles, from a legal clerk to a senior fee earner and now a trainee solicitor. I have felt especially supported by my team leader Simone Heppell-Hardy; I remember having my first one-to-one meeting with her (which was held a week after starting in the business) where I told her that I hoped to qualify as a solicitor. Since then, Simone has provided me with continuous support, training, and advice, which helped me with my application and subsequent interview. I would also like to thank my managers, Chris (Cullingworth) and Rebecca (Colby), for their support of my application.

What types of challenges do you expect from the next two years?

TO: I expect challenges to arise from balancing my own workload whilst also undertaking work for other departments as part of my training. As well as this, I expect going back to university and studying for the PSC whilst working to be challenging. However, I am hoping to quickly adjust to my new routine as I know all the additional work will allow me to gain the essential skills required to be a well-rounded solicitor.

LM: I’m expecting the workload to double!

BB: I expect lots of challenges and lots of learning experiences. The idea of a training contract is probably to push us a little bit outside of our comfort zone so that when we are fully qualified, we have the confidence to tackle whatever comes our way. 

CW: Although I already work very hard in my role here at Winns, I expect not only my workload to increase but I also know I am going to need to dedicate more time to my role here. I expect to face the challenge of moving outside of my comfort zone, and developing skills in new areas of law.

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