Whitley Bay Sporting Club: Winn Solicitors Agrees Sponsorship

Winn Solicitors is delighted to show its support for the North East’s next generation with the announcement of a partnership with Whitley Bay Sporting Club.

The junior set-up has over 950 players and 50 teams taking part in organised sports throughout the year, one of the biggest in the region, providing a structured environment in which to develop social skills, teamwork, and being part of a team mentality.

As well as improving the general fitness of hundreds of children, the club is a central community hub for Whitley Bay.

As a club sponsor, Winns is supporting teams across all age groups, and we are delighted to be given the opportunity to do so as part of our ‘NE6 and Beyond’ corporate and social responsibility programme.

Head of Sponsorship at Whitley Bay Sporting Club, Andrew Deans, said: “The generosity of Winns is hugely appreciated and makes a huge difference to every player and coach in the club.

“The club has over 950 players and nearly 200 coaches. The impact of the sponsorship will be felt by every one of them.

“The difference will be seen both immediately and over a number of years. The purchased equipment, such as the mini goals, will have an instant impact on the training pitch.

“Educating coaches will positively impact the club over a number of years as they knowledge share and bring new ideas back into the club.

“Sponsorship is absolutely vital to our club. The vast majority of the club’s income is generated from membership fees.

“As a charity, we have an obligation to give our members the best possible value for money. Every penny of these fees is spent on essentials, like basic kit, equipment, and league registration fees.

“However, this doesn’t reasonably cover anything extra above the basics. Sponsorships allow us to improve, invest, and enrich the environment for our players and coaches.”

The funds are already being put to good use at the club, with a host of the junior sides tangibly benefitting.

Deans continued: “The club has already invested some of it in a VEO camera that allows coaches to analyse the performance of the team.

“We are investing in new training equipment, including some new mini goals to help the coaches enrich training sessions and really get the most out of each training session.

“The club also continues to invest in Coach Education, with two of our coaches currently enrolled on a UEFA coaching course.

“The club wouldn’t be able to fund these without Winns’ sponsorship.” 

Clint Milnes, Winn Group Director - Chief Information Officer, said: “This partnership will help hundreds of children to take part in organised sporting activities which comes with significant health and wellbeing benefits.

“Our NE6 and Beyond programme focuses on helping the next generation, so this partnership hits all the criteria.

“We’re delighted to support Whitley Bay and help them deliver an outstanding football offering to the wider community.”