Winn Group staff help Brogan surpass Easter Egg ambitions for Daft As A Brush

Winn Group staff have smashed their target to donate 150 Easter Eggs to charity Daft As A Brush, amassing an amazing 468 for the cause.

The past year has required constant adaptation and change from Daft As A Brush staff and volunteers in order to continue to provide free transport for outpatients to and from hospital who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy cancer treatment.

The government guidance due to Coronavirus meant vastly reduced capacity per vehicle, per journey, for the many who depend on the service.

The charity has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to respond and accommodate as best it could, requiring even more commitment and time from the already impressively selfless volunteers.

Brogan Shirreffs, member of the Winn Group CSR committee, decided a thank you was in order, so set up an Easter egg drive to ensure one egg for each of the 150-strong staff who continued to volunteer for the charity during the pandemic.

Motivated by Brogan, Winn Group staff, and Brogan’s friends and family, far surpassed the target, gathering an impressive 468 eggs for the charity. As a result, there are eggs for each and every volunteer on the Daft As A Brush books, as well as enough for the children of the schools who sponsor the individual custom-made vehicles providing assistance to so many.

Grateful for the overwhelming response to her idea, Brogan commented;

“We began our target at 150 eggs, which was quickly achieved within 36 hours! Bumping the target up to 400, admittedly, I was sceptical, but I am over the moon that on Monday we donated 468 eggs to the charity’s office in Gosforth.

“They were completely blown away and were so grateful. They reassured me that their volunteers would give welcome homes to the ginormous stack of eggs we arranged in their board room!”

Faced with a tower of eggs that would not look out of place in an out-of-town supermarket, Operations Manager at Daft As A Brush, Graeme Dixon, thanked Winn Group staff adding;

“Thank you so much for the eggs you donated. I was astounded by how many you managed to get during your egg drive, so a very big well done to everyone involved for that.”

Winn Group Marketing Manager, Amy Thompson, showed her appreciation for the effort saying;

“Brogan has done an amazing job to get so many donations in and has really championed her idea. She has definitely raised the bar for future donation drives, so the Winn Group CSR committee has big shoes to fill for future events!”

For more information on the amazing work carried out by Daft As A Brush, click here.