Winn Group Sponsors Community Football Club

Winn Group is pleased to announce a significant strategic charity sponsorship with community football club Washington FC.

The company has committed to supporting the efforts of the organisation, which covers 60 senior and junior squads and some 750 children in the region, allowing them to take part in organised sport.

Promoting structure, good health, and social skills as part of a team environment, the partnership will help facilitate this provision and allow Washington to continue its evolution and expansion.

Winn Group attaches great importance to its corporate social responsibility, understanding our role in communities and the positive impact we can have.

A proud, thriving, North East company that appreciates its heritage and its roots, we are eager to expand our CSR network and see this as a next step that fits the profile of projects we wish to elevate.

Mark Gibbon, Chairman and manager of Washington FC Senior Men’s First Team, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Winn Group to Washington Football Club and be part of our community.

“We’re at the heart of Washington community and we now have over 750 players from five-year-old up to 18.

“The club started 14/15 years ago with two teams. In that time, we’ve progressed and the club has grown and grown and grown.

“We now take care of six natural grass fields that belong to the club, we maintain them and get them to the best standard we can so that the kids have the best experience when they come and play and train at the football club.

“We have developed a club that has some foundations that everyone can see is Washington’s home and something they’re all proud of and proud to play for.”

Mark Pallas, Associate Director and Head of Business Development, said: “As part of our NE6 and Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we’re focusing our charitable efforts on helping children in Byker and across the region.

“We were made aware of the potential for a possible strategic partnership with Washington recently and saw the impact our donation would have.

“With over 750 junior players in their set-up, we are supporting the improvement of community-used pitches, and their on-going maintenance, and we’re improving the facilities that directly impact the club and its junior members.

“By providing this support, hundreds of children every year are able to participate in organised team sports, boosting their health, wellbeing, and resilience.

“This has a massively positive effect on a local community and we’re pleased to be the driving force behind it, helping the great volunteers involved in the club to achieve their ambitions.”