Breakfast Club is Making a Difference in Byker

Winn Group continues to make a huge difference in the lives of children in the Byker area thanks to the funding of a breakfast club.

As one of the most deprived areas in the UK, families often struggle to make ends meet, including when it comes to providing essentials for their children like breakfast.

As the school summer holidays loom into view, so does the halfway marker of our partnership with the Greggs Foundation, an arrangement that sees us provide the funding for a breakfast club at St Lawrence’s Primary School.

Thanks to our contribution, we’ve been able to supply 60 children each school day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast, as well as a space for them to do homework or enjoy playtime.

Often coming from a home that doesn’t provide breakfast, this is the best environment and the best way to start their day so they’re ready to learn.

Providing 28% of the school’s pupils with this service, a service run by three volunteers and made a massive difference to the children.

Providing a hardship offering as well, this fund has provided families in dire need with beds and bedding (costing £363), as well as fridge freezers (costing £321).

St Lawrence’s Head of School Charlotte Murray thanked Winn Group for their support when the scheme was first introduced to the school.

She said: “Breakfast Club gives children the opportunity to socialise with their peers, play games, and complete homework in a safe space each morning.

“It gives our teachers and support staff the opportunity to work with and support children who may be feeling anxious or worried - This additional time to work with pupils is invaluable.

"As a school, we are incredibly grateful for the support of Winn Group. Our Breakfast Club provides so much more than a breakfast and our school would not be as successful without it."