Debra Cutter Celebrates 15 Years at Winns

Debra Cutter has achieved plenty in her career at Winn Group, with her latest milestone moment certainly something to raise a glass to.

Fifteen years at any organisation is rare and so Debra should rightly be proud if not for this then her career path at the company.

“I originally started in FRT, with Chris Birkett (now Winn Group CEO) being my manager!” said Debra.

“The team was a lot smaller back then but it was a great team to start in, everyone was so friendly. A lot of the people from back then are still at Winns today.

“I then moved to the legal department where my legal career started. I was awarded my training contract and shortly before I qualified I was promoted to team leader in Vehicle Damage; I have then moved throughout the business and I am currently a supervisor in the Personal Injury Department.”

A great example of career progression and taking that next step with Winns, Debra is adamant the reason for staying is down to many things but one stands out among the rest – the people.

“The firm has changed a lot over the past 15 years and has grown immensely but it’s definitely the people who make it,” she continued.

“Over the years, a lot of people have come and gone in the firm, and I have met several colleagues who have become good friends.

“I have also grown up with a lot of my colleagues and it has been lovely to see everyone’s milestones; getting engaged, married, and becoming parents.

“I would like to thank the management/Directors throughout my time at Winns, who have provided me with the support and opportunities to progress my career.

“I’d also like to say a special thankyou to David (Dewar, Associate Director) and Amy (Graham, Associate Director) who continue to provide support, knowledge, and experience.

“I look forward to seeing where the next five years takes me at Winns.”

David Dewar, Associate Director – Head of Commercial and Contested Litigation, said: “This is a superb milestone for Debra after seeing so many changes in the business. 

“I have only had the pleasure of working with Debra for the last five of her 15 years, and she has provided vital support and guidance to me and the PI Department as a whole. 

“Amy and I, together with the rest of the PI Department, are very much looking forward to welcoming Debra back from her maternity leave in the summer – bring on 15 more years, Debra!”

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