Trainee Solicitors Start Next Career Chapter

The latest batch of trainee solicitors embarking on their learning journey with Winn Group have started their training contract recently.

Natalie Brown, Sana Javaid, Thomas Marley, and Donna Patterson successfully navigated the competitive internal application process to earn a spot on our expansive training programme, which offers multiple, and varied, opportunities for legal career progression throughout the year.

Jo Amos, Training Principal, said: “Congratulations to the four new trainees. They were selected in June last year so have had to wait for a fair time to start their contracts. 

“I hope they enjoy and make the most of the next two years, thereby ensuring they reach their goal of qualifying as solicitors.”

We took a few moments with the quartet to discuss their latest career step at Winn Group:

How long have you sought to do a training contract?

Thomas: I graduated in 2012 and have been seeking a contract on and off for a long while now. After leaving Uni I worked for Doctors Chambers and Bodycare Clinics in a medico legal setting and worked myself up to Finance Team Leader.

In 2017 I decided to pursue a legal career again, but the training side moved to the back burner again following the birth of my daughter. I narrowly missed the training contract last time around and thought now was the right time when I felt I could really give the opportunity 100%.

Sana: I have always wanted to qualify as a Solicitor but have been looking for a training contract opportunity for the last two years.

I decided to get some experience in the legal field after graduation before applying.

Natalie: Originally, I was not 100% sure what I wanted to do before starting my undergraduate degree in 2017.

Whilst completing my LLB at Newcastle, I knew I wanted to qualify as a Solicitor so I completed my LPC at Sunderland before joining Winns with the hope of obtaining a training contract here.

Donna: I have always wanted to complete my training contract. Whilst it has been quite some time since I graduated and completed the LPC, I never stopped wanting to complete the final stages.

What is it about this training route that you most liked?

Donna: I liked the fact you get involved with many different aspects such as advocacy, and drafting, and it is completed in a manageable, efficient timeframe.

Thomas: I like the fact that the training contract route doesn’t impact my ability to run the Debt Team as perhaps the SQE route may.

I love leading the Debt Team and don’t really think I could give it my full attention while doing an SQE where I would lose a day a week to studying.

Sana: Doing a training contract allows you to get hands-on experience whilst qualifying and also allows exposure to different departments within the business.

In addition, I have completed the LPC and so it was the most suitable route, ensuring I can apply my knowledge throughout the process.

Natalie: I’m quite close with the other trainees in the Personal Injury Department, so I have had an insight into the tasks they’re given and the work they complete, which seem interesting.

I’ve also worked with trainees from Vehicle Damage completing tasks on my file, so again it has been helpful to see the kind of work that is offered!

I like the fact I am still continuing to do my current role, but that I will gain experience in other areas by completing trainee tasks.

What is your professional ambition?

Natalie: The ultimate ambition is to qualify and to continue to expand my legal knowledge and skills, working alongside other departments here at Winns.

I’ve worked alongside Joseph Timlin on files with more technical injuries, so it would be nice to work on some more technical files alongside my caseload.

It would be nice to gain some experience outside of Personal Injury too, within the other departments such as Wills, Probate and Trusts.

Donna: I always have and always will want to progress and develop myself so it would be amazing to one day support Winns as a Director.

It would be extremely challenging to get to this level but extremely rewarding at the same time.

Thomas: I would like to develop with Winn Group. I have worked well with the Debt Team and seen it develop into a proper fee earning department.

I want to develop it further with Rachel (Glendenning), Phil (Aspin) and Vic (Maugham). It would be my ultimate ambition to rise further through the ranks with Winns to management and eventually Director level. I enjoy the job and the people.

Sana: Once qualified, I would like to continue my career at Winns, expand my knowledge base, and get involved in a wide range of work.

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