Head of Clinical Services: Michael Armstrong Earns Promotion

Michael Armstrong’s joy at receiving news of his promotion to Head of Clinical Services may not have been best reflected in his celebrations.

The Senior Physiotherapist has been rewarded for his effort and progress in the role over 13 years in the role with promotion to the role of Head of Clinical Services at On Medical 24/7.

Just starting out in his new role, he joked about how he reacted to the news.

“I celebrated in a very boring fashion!” he said.

“My wife’s eight and a half months pregnant at the minute so I can’t get away with going wild for a while yet.

“It was a bottle of Nosecco and an episode of The Responder (starring Martin Freeman) unfortunately.

“But, on a more serious note, I’m really excited to give something new a go and I was pleased to have been thought of for the job.”

With plenty of scope to expand what an already outstanding physiotherapy team does, Armstrong is keen to acclimatise to the role and evolve the offering.

“I’ll be working on developing new services and possibly bringing in some new faces to help us deliver them as the physiotherapy department has a large scope to deliver new services on top of what we already do,” he added.

“It’ll also be important to continually stay abreast of new research and training that will ensure our knowledge and skills within the team are always improving.

“Approximately 90-95% of the role of the senior physio was clinical in some way, whether performing telephone assessments (triage) or actually treating patients in person or training other members of staff in how to assess and treat as well as possible.”

If you would like to join Michael and the team at On Medical 24/7, they are currently recruiting for Physiotherapists and Customer Service Administrators. Find out more here.