Onhealth assists the new wave of Hybrid home-working

Hybrid and sustainable home-working solutions are top of business leaders’ agendas as the possibilities have become apparent following the need for flexibility during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There have been pros and cons to working from home, but with light at the end of the tunnel in terms of pandemic-related restrictions, business leaders are keen to focus on finding the balance which allows for the positives of both scenarios for their employees. With this in mind, there is a linked requirement to also address any negatives, such as ensuring the feelings of isolation among team members do not occur, as well as ensuring employees have a more suitable set-up for any longer term working from home scenario.

Onhealth has the solution to prevention of desk-related aches and pains with their physiotherapy-led remote workstation assessments assisting the long-term wellbeing of employees.

By contacting Onhealth’s team of HCPC registered medical professionals, they can help to alleviate concerns around aches and pains by delivering a methodical and meticulous remote workstation assessment. This will provide tailored advice to employees on how to maximise and improve their workstations to minimise the risk of aches and pains due to workstation set-up.

A detailed report will then be produced and submitted to their company’s HR department to allow for on-going improvement and constructive feedback in the effort to offer staff the best possible working from home environment.

If your business would like the professional expertise and support of HCPC registered physiotherapists to help boost employee health and wellbeing, contact Onhealth today to find out about their service by email or call the team on 0344 576 1679.