Promotions Support Industry Reforms in Winns Vehicle Damage Team

Winns Vehicle Damage team is addressing the game-changing Personal Injury reforms with it’s usual excellence by adapting and expanding to meet the new challenges. Changes include the promotion of two experienced fee earners, Simone and Tom, to Team Leaders.

Chris Cullingworth, Associate Director – Head of Vehicle Damage commented;

“We are focused on tackling the challenge head on and expanding the department to ensure the Credit Hire element of the business can grow, and both Tom and Simone will play a big part in this in the years to come.”

Having start her career with Winns at 19, and with a focussed determination on where she wanted her career to go, Simone was ecstatic to be asked to be Team Leader saying;

“I cannot thank the current team leaders enough for how much they have guided me and helped me over the years. I can remember the days I used to pester the Vehicle Damage team on days when the Post team was quiet so that I could help out with any admin jobs they had. I wanted to make it known that I really wanted to be part of that team.”

Once she had made it clear that her skills and reliability would be of benefit to the team, she was delighted to become a fee earner.

Thomas has also more than proved his worth to the Vehicle Damage team, starting as a Legal Clerk before being awarded a training contract and being moved onto the Multi-Track Team. He also successfully qualified as a Solicitor in September 2020.

Looking to the change in role resulting from his promotion, Tom specified what this would mean for him on a day to day basis;

“The purpose of my new role is to lead a team in dealing with small and fast track claims. It differs from my previous role as I no longer have my own files but am responsible for a team with full caseloads.”

Simone noted how remarkable she finds it to now be the person being called on for assistance from an entire team, a challenge she is looking forward to, adding;

“I will be overseeing my team’s litigation work as well as the negotiation of their files. The thing I am most looking forward to is getting to know my team.”

Echoing a theme felt throughout the company, both Tom and Simone’s favourite thing about working for Winn Group is the people. Simone added;

“I have developed some of the best friendships in my seven years of working at Winns. Everyone is so easy to talk to. Not only are the people brilliant to work with but Winns has provided me with many opportunities since working here, however the main one is support for my degree which I will have completed by next year.”

And Simone believes she is living proof of the emphasis placed on the values that underpin the company saying;

“Loyalty is well appreciated in my team. I made it clear that I wished to stay in Vehicle Damage for many years to come, and after proving myself I feel like I have been rewarded for that.”

Chris Cullingworth agreed saying;

“Both Tom and Simone have worked in the Vehicle Damage department for a number of years and have developed into well-rounded and well-regarded members of the team. Both had expressed an interest in progressing into team leader positions and had requested and completed an online course in team leading which gave them a good foundation to take the role on.”

Congratulations Tom and Simone!