Winns Launches New In-House Advocacy Team

Winns continues its growth and adaptation to meet client needs in the most efficient way with the creation of an In-house Advocacy Team.

As one of the country’s leading road traffic accident specialists, Winns has always taken pride in being a one-stop shop for its clients. With the development of an in-house advocacy team, Winns will complement that service. Using in-house advocates will add years of experience in the claims process to ensure clients get the maximum compensation that they deserve.

Winns’ dedicated team is made up of experienced advocates and managed by Lee Kipling, a Solicitor Advocate with almost 10 years’ service at the firm. Supported by a new experienced advocate, Lucy Webley-Pitt, who we are delighted to welcome, we will be looking to add more qualified practitioners in the near future.

In the last 12 months, Winns’ in-house advocates have attended circa. 250 CMC’s, applications and Stage 3 hearings. That number is set to rise exponentially in the next 12 months with the addition of new advocates to the team.