Watch This Space: Exciting Future, Insists Head of Business Development Mark Pallas

Mark Pallas has been promoted to Head of Business Development at Winns, following more than a decade within the Sales Team.

Formerly a Business Development Executive, Mark has worked strategically in contributing to the strength of the company, forging business partnerships with a range of brokers and consistently generating new work for Winns.

Mark will now lead the sales team into a new era of claims management and broker relationships, with Winns eager to solidify and grow their position.

“For me, I am a very positive person and I am always more of a glass half full than empty sort of person,” said Mark when discussing the promotion.

“I saw the potential in the reforms for us to grow massively. I know the inner workings and how dynamic and agile Winns have always been. It is a very exciting time and I am very excited about the future.”

Starting in March over a decade ago, Mark is better suited than many to reflect on the changes seen at the company since his first day back in 2009.

“The infrastructure then and the solution we had for brokers was absolutely unique. We were a different solution for claims management. That was, and still is, the most exciting thing,” continued Mark.

“We have been diligently planning our post reform solution for an awful long time. We identified what our broker partners and their clients’ challenges would be, and how we could provide the solution in these uncertain times.

“I am personally very excited about what the future holds for Winn Group as a whole; watch this space.”