Jonathan Celebrates Promotion to Team Leader at On Hire

After three years with Winn Group, Jonathan Anderson has been promoted to the role of Team Leader.

Initially everything at Winn Group was a new experience for Jonathan, from working in an office environment to the computer systems used, but starting on the First Response Administration Team, he found the philosophy of support and encouragement for development enabled him to learn quickly.

By the time he moved to the First Response Repair Authority Team and in to On Hire, Jonathan found that his confidence had grown immensely, adding;

I have received continued support from all FRT and On Hire management which has allowed me to develop the confidence to progress and apply for this latest promotion.

In his new role, Jonathan will be able to give to others the benefit of the wisdom passed on to him, with the main remit to offer support and guidance to Case Handlers, while ensuring the hire and repair requirements for Winn Solicitors are instructed correctly and efficiently. He will also be on hand to support On Hire management.

Commenting on what he likes most about working for Winn Group, Jonathan said;

The work is challenging but rewarding which is great. Plus, I don’t think I could hand pick a better bunch of work colleagues who make the working day fly over.

There was proof of this genuine enjoyment of work when Jonathan looked back on his time in lockdown too;

I initially worked from home during the first lockdown but personally wouldn’t want to do this again; the four walls at home had been stared at long enough and I was very happy to come back in.

Head of On Hire, Michael Stuart, has been impressed by Jonathan’s work ethic during his time at On Hire and added;

Jonathan has shown a determination and commitment to reliability and development during his time with Winn Group, so it was an easy decision to promote him to the role of Team Leader when the opportunity arose. Congratulations Jonathan from us all; we look forward to working with you during this next phase of your career.

If you are interested in joining the On Hire team, see our current vacancy for a Case Handler here (this vacancy has now closed).